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Niccolò Bruna, filmmaker with a cause, daydreamer and indie producer
"Niccolò Bruna", filmmaker, filmaker, director, "video production", documentary, documental, regista, video, Barcelona, "Ready.Barcelona"
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MESSAGE FROM A BOTTLE   The raising environmental awareness in Ethiopia ITALY, ETHIOPIA/ 2019 / 24 MIN     “Some youths who are sitting idle and ridiculed us. We are all graduated from university. We don’t care about their insults; rather we keep on doing our jobs.” Adissu, plastic collector   With the...

PROFESSOR GAETANO SALVEMINI, SUBVERSIVE Salvemini professor Gaetano, sovversivo ITALY / 2008 / 42' MIN   “the Fascists were anti-Salvemini before he became anti-Fascist, and their efforts to silence him made his name synonymous with early Italian resistance to the new regime." Charles L. Killinger   with Sergio Bucchi, Mimmo Franzinelli, Gian Giacomo Migone, Pier Paolo...