Public premiere of ‘Carved by Light. Sert/Miró’ at Miró Foundation in Barcelona
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Public premiere of ‘Carved by Light. Sert/Miró’ at Miró Foundation in Barcelona

On Thursday, July 6th, 2023, at 6.30pm my documentary ‘Carved by Light. Sert/Miró’ (‘Traçat per la llum – Sert/Miró’) has been premiered at the Auditorium of the Miró Foundation in Montjuïc. The ONE-HOUR DOCUMENTARY WILL BE AVAILABLE ON THE FREE PLATFORM LACAIXAFORUM+ FROM JULY 7H.

the project is the result of almost two years of work, and It was truly special sharing this moment with all of you. thanks to my family and friends for attending, thanks to the crew mates that showed up: the producers adriá lahuerta and carlota coloma, the soundman diego pedrigosa, researcher eva pruneda, the editor valentina mottura (standing ovation for her!) and the photographer and drone operator davide camesasca. Davide has played a fundamental role, I owe him the opportunity to bring this project to life and, in general, my wonderful collaboration with this museum.

The Joan Miró Foundation and the “la Caixa” Foundation

proudly present the documentary


press release, Barcelona, July 5, 2023

Carved by Light. Sert/Miró” is a choral and poetic portrait of the Joan Miró Foundation building directed by Niccolò Bruna and produced by 15L Films. The documentary follows the transfer of the Foundation’s archive from the spaces designed by Jaume Freixa to the original spaces conceived by Miró and Sert.

The Joan Miró Foundation hosts the biggest collection of Joan Miró’s works in the world, in a unique space where art interacts with architecture and nature. The architect Josep Lluís Sert, whom Miró had also commissioned to design his studio in Palma, was in charge of the building’s design. They shared a common vision of contemporary art and a friendship that lasted throughout their lives. The organicity they achieved between the collection, the building, and the Montjuïc environment that welcomed them is the origin of the Foundation and the basis of its relationship with visitors and the world.

The place that the artist and architect dreamed of together continues to be an open space for everyone, welcoming, dynamic, inclusive, accessible, and inspiring. In 2016, with the presentation of the Collection in the original rooms designed by Sert, the Joan Miró Foundation began a project to highlight the complicity between the artist and architect, which culminated at the end of 2022 with the updating of the spaces in the octagonal tower of the building to diversify their uses and bring them closer to visitors.

For museological reasons, in 1988, the Foundation’s archive was relocated to an area of the building not accessible to the public. With the intention of emphasizing the centrality of this collection and making it more accessible to visitors, the archive of drawings and documentation has returned to its original space in the octagonal tower.

The extensive collection of works on paper, documentation, graphic work, lithographs, and fine books that make up this collection is now preserved on the first floor of the building in a space fully integrated into the visit. The transfer of these nearly 18,000 documents has been carried out with the collaboration of the Conservation and Restoration Center for Cultural Heritage of Catalonia. The new location of the Foundation’s archive includes an exhibition space that will regularly present preparatory materials and documentation from this collection to delve into the artist’s creative process and projects.

A documentary team led by director Niccolò Bruna has captured the day-to-day of this project on camera. The result is “Carved by Light. Sert/Miró” a sensory and poetic journey through a unique, luminous, and open architecture. The richness of the materials preserved there and the variety of human stories that give it life are also reflected in the proposal, which has had the delegated production of 15L Films. The feature film takes as its starting point the transfer of the archive, hosting more than 4,000 Miró prints among other unique pieces. It is an internal and virtually imperceptible movement for visitors that enables a reflection on the nature of a change that is actually a return to the origins, to the primary idea of the artist and the architect. The project extends an invitation to delve into the artistic and heritage importance of an archive and the current role of a museum institution that is about to celebrate 50 years.

“Carved by Light. Sert/Miró” is a production of the Joan Miró Foundation in collaboration with the “la Caixa” Foundation, realized by 15-L Films. The project resulted from the new stage of collaboration between the Joan Miró Foundation and the “la Caixa” Foundation with the aim of bringing culture closer to the widest possible audience, now also in the digital sphere through the CaixaForum+ platform. CaixaForum+ will premiere the documentary on Thursday, July 7, 2023. On the platform driven by the “la Caixa” Foundation, the Joan Miró Foundation’s own channel also features representative pieces from the museum’s audiovisual catalog.

Visit the film page of Carved by Light. Sert/Miró