Niccolò Bruna, filmmaker with a cause, daydreamer and indie film producer based in Barcelona. I STRIVE TO DEPICT A COMMON HUMAN WORLD THROUGH THE LENS OF A PASSIONATE CAMERA.
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I’m Niccolò Bruna, filmmaker with a cause,
daydreamer and indie producer.

I depict a shared human world
through the lens of a passionate camera.

I made movies, reportages, and creative documentaries in more than 30 countries, recounting the Syrian migration crisis, the Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone, the public health issue of asbestos in Brazil and India, women’s condition in Ethiopia, and human trafficking in Nigeria.
I work on social and cultural topics. And on music in all its forms.

I’ve been experimenting with the expressive tools of documentary filmmaking since I attended the Cuban film school EICTV in 1999/2000. I then studied with two masters who disclosed the essence of cinema, Abbas Kiarostami and Werner Herzog. I am an active member of the ONG Shoot4Change Spain and the Italian Film Academy since 2012.


For the past 20 years, I have striven to carry out quality film productions with human interest while offering a fresh glance at powerful social issues.
The documentary Dust, the great asbestos trial (Polvere, il grande processo dell’amianto), co-directed with Andrea Prandstraller, won several international awards and was nominated for the David of Donatello 2012. The “operamentary” Magicarena was theatrically released in China, Australia, and Taiwan in 2014. The following year, I completed the Cuban feature Pequeñas mentiras piadosas (The travel agent) on the human consequence of US-Cuba relations. It won the Unicredit Youth Award at the 1° Milan International Documentary Festival – Visioni dal Mondo. The HBO documentary on the European migration crisis that I’ve been filming as associate filmmaker and cinematographer for 4 years It will be chaos, has been awarded the 2019 Emmy Award for Outstanding Current Affairs Documentary.

I’ve been working also as a producer, editor, DOP, screen player, and copywriter for videoclips, ADs, corporative videos, and live shows, collaborating with artists like Dee Dee Bridgewater, John Appel, Alice Rohrwacher, Marlene Kuntz, Vinicio Capossela, Lorena Luciano and Filippo Piscopo, Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Chucho Valdes, and La Fura dels Baus.

My latest project as a director is Carved by Light. Sert/Miró, a poetic portrait of the Joan Miró Foundation in Barcelona.


At my agency Ready.Barcelona we craft day-by-day original corporate videos, reportages, live shows, and ADs. Take a look at the SHOWREEL 2023 here.