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Niccolò Bruna, filmmaker with a cause, daydreamer and indie producer
"Niccolò Bruna", filmmaker, filmmaker, director, "video production", documentary, documental, regista, video, Barcelona, "Ready.Barcelona". ENG
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PEQUEÑAS MENTIRAS PIADOSAS THE TRAVEL AGENT CUBA, SPAIN, ITALY / 2015 / 56  and 87 MIN   “I quench the thirst of others every day, yet there is not a drop of water for me”   With Lourdes Gonzales Rosabal, Enit Abreu Gomez, Mercedes   From her tiny office overlooking the U.S. Interests...

A CLOSED MOUTH CATCHES NO FLIES LE RAGAZZE DI WUCHALE   ITALY, ETHIOPIA / 2015 / 16 and 26 MIN   “Ethiopia as an origin country for persons subjected to forced labor and sex trafficking. According to the 2013 Global Slavery Index, there are currently 651,110 Ethiopians in modern slavery...