The duo Minus & Plus design the soundtrack of ‘The travel agent’
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The duo Minus & Plus design the soundtrack of ‘The travel agent’

The talented Italian duo Minus & Plus, formed by Giorgio Ferrero and Rodolfo Mongitore, has created the music score of my Cuban documentary The travel agent / Pequeñas mentiras piadosas. The two tracks OST is a subtle balance of samples of organic instruments and echoes of Cuban rhythms.

The order was clear: NO FOLKLORE. How to compose a soundtrack for a Cuban film without any trace of Cuban music? That was the challenge.

the main theme “LOURDES and ENIT”, 5 minutes


An excerpt of the OST has been now released on La Stampa in occasion of the presentation of documentary at The National Cinema Museum of Torino, Italy.
Plus has previously collaborated with some of the most relevant names in independent cinema such as Stephen Fingleton, Daniele Gaglianone and brothers De Serio.

This is the second time that I have the chance of collaborating with PLUS. Our first outcome has been the score of Dust – the great asbestos trial, a beautiful example of moving and intense tunes without any rhetorical in it. I was surprised by the sense of cleanliness of their work, a feature that they are able to implement at any stage of their creative process and that is visible along the entire workflow of post-production. For this reason I’ve also rely on Giorgio and Rodolfo for the entire sound mix of the documentary.

plus_nero_e_argento_1_w520The result is amazing: a soundtrack where field recording, music, soundscapes and Foley are melted in a very cohesive yet original sound identity.



Read the article on La Stampa web (italian)

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Buy the soundtrack on iTunes


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