VOD release for ‘The travel agent’
Pequeñas mentiras piadosas - The travel agent is now available on VOD in streaming on Amazon Prime and Filmin.es
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VOD release for ‘The travel agent’

Our Cuban documentary Pequeñas mentiras piadosas – The travel agent is now available on VOD. In streaming for the US and Canadian audience on Amazon Prime, on the platform Filmin in Spain and Portugal and on the website Feelmakers in the rest of the world.

It is the end of a 4 years journey and I want to thank all the traveling companions that have stooded beside me, even just for a day. The involvement of every single one made this independent production possible. We made it outside of any fixed production scheme and without the authorization of the local institutions nor a support from the media market. We made it only because YOU were there, fellows.

Andrea Prandstraller for developing with me the subject. Enrico Fop for researching in pre-production. Enrico Bona who came to Cuba with me on the first development trip and co-produced the film. Our amazing Cuban friends: Pedro Pulido at the sound, Erik Delgado at the camera, Cirita Longo for her support in organizing the shooting and Alexis Yero for editing. Thanks to Alberto Antonio Dandolo and Louis Mario for the inestimable help.
William Farnesi who helped me to find the right title. Danilo Pettinati, faithful collaborator. Daniel Monti for his translations and wise advises. Maite Vitoria Daneris. Felicita Bertiero and Asis Percales for the graphics. Giorgio Ferrero and Rudy Mongitore, alias PLUS for the great music and the careful sound mix. Roberto Allegro for his precise grading, Giorgio Mari for his full support as co-producer and expert advisor. Adriá La Huerta for his crazy trust in the project and for sharing the editing room with me for so many hours, days and weeks, . Enrico Giovannone for the tricky task to improve the rough cut. Carlota Coloma for her everlasting smile and the cleaver vision of the production. Thanks to Paolo Manera of Film Commission Torino Piemonte, the first valiant backer of this project. Thanks to the work of our festival agency Freak and to our distributors Feelsales and Pragda, Pablo Briseño Galván, Millan Vazquez-Ortiz, Mónica Gallego, Maria Gonzalez Esteban, María Aparicio, Daniela Bajar, Marta Sanchez and Ana Asua. Thanks to Cristina Rius de Casa Amèrica Catalunya for organizing the premiere of the film.

Thanks to the protagonists Lourdes and Enit. This is their real life. Thanks for letting me in and thanks for offering your story to the audience.

And above all Paola Ciocca, my wife, who produced the documentary and always supported my work.

Finally, after 2 positive years at international film festivals – unfortunately (still) not in Cuba – we’re ready to go online.

I just have one last desire. Let Lourdes travel out of his beloved Cuba. She’s been struggling years to achieve a temporary visa but she’s still waiting for the umpteenth interview at the US Embassy in La Habana, hopefully the right one. It will happen soon this fall 2017.


Spain and Portugal, VOD streaming on Filmin

US or Canada on the platformAmazon-Prime

Italy and rest of the world on  Feelmakers

International Awards:
Unicredit Pavilion Students’ Jury Prize at Visioni dal Mondo – International documentary film festival of Milan, 2015 Italy
Special Jury Mention at the Festival l’Amérique latine par l’image, Lyon, France 2016
Special Jury Mention at Miradasdoc, Tenerife – Canarias 2017
Special Jury Mention to the protagonist Lourdes at Muestra de cine Polo Sur Latinoamericano, Punta Arenas, Chile 2017
For further informations about Pequeñas mentiras piadosas /The travel agent visit the film page

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