Niccolò Bruna, filmmaker with a cause | TAORMINA TAJ MAHAL (2004)
Niccolò Bruna, filmmaker with a cause, daydreamer and indie producer
"Niccolò Bruna", filmmaker, filmaker, director, "video production", documentary, documental, regista, video, Barcelona, "Ready.Barcelona"
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Culture, documentary, Short
Atlantic City, Brooklyn, Dago, Ellis Island, New York, Trump, USA
About This Project


When Dago meets Trump

USA-ITALY / 2004 / 14 MIN

“In 2004 I started an epic journey into the Italian community of Broccolino, the italian name for Brooklyn, NY. I was searching for the Italian American identity but I finally got lost in Trump’s kitsch temple Taj Mahal”


starring: Toto Cutugno, Mike Bongiorno, Ferruccio Locco


Today, over 17 million Americans claim Italian ancestry, third only to Brazil and Argentina. Italian Americans are the fourth largest European ethnic group in the United States.
Taormina Taj Mahal enters the nostalgic world of “Dagos” by following a Sicilian family that travels to Atlantic City to assist the Sanremo music festival. An epic journey backwards in time and ahead in the postmodern kitsch of the Trump’s Taj Mahal.
You will soon realize that all the common stereotypes about Italian Americans are definitely true. An amazing finding. But I also discovered a disturbing bond of personal brotherhood with those feelings.


Un viaggio tra gli italoamericani di Broccolino, NY, Ellis Island e il Festival di Sanremo ad Atlantic City, sotto la protezione di Modugno e l’alta guida di Little Tony.


Niccolò Bruna


Produced by Colombrefilm,
Enrico Bona and Niccolò Bruna


Niccolò Bruna

Niccolò Bruna


Stefano Bollani, Toto Cutugno, Domenico Modugno




Available in Italian O.V. only