DUST, THE GREAT ASBESTOS TRIAL (Polvere, il grande processo dell’amianto) 2011
Charges: intentional disaster. Applicable punishment: 12 year sentence. Defendants: n.142 and n.243 in the world's richest men chart. The first great criminal trial against the big masters of asbestos started in Turin in winter 2010. "Dust, the great asbestos trial" is a thrilling environmental documentary on the public health issue of asbestos related cancer epidemic. Gran reportage de Arte, RTBF, RSI, Graffitidoc, David di Donatello candidate in 2012.
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documentary, Environmental, Feature, Social
Afeva, amianto, asbestos, Brazil, Casale Monferrato, DUST, Eternit, Goias, Guariniello, health, India, Minaçu, Torino, trial
About This Project


Polvere, il grande processo dell’amianto



“If asbestos was declared carcinogenic and banned in 53 countries around the world, how is it possible that almost 70% of the world population still lives under the threat of it?”


Luisa Minazzi
Romana Blasotti Pavesi
Fernanda Giannasi
Bruno Pesce
Nicola Pondrano
Raffaele Guariniello


Charges: intentional disaster.
Applicable punishment: 12-year sentence.
Defendants: n.142 and n.243 in the world’s richest men chart.
The first great criminal trial against the big masters of asbestos started in Turin in the winter of 2010.


With the increasing use of asbestos in China, Russia, and other countries, asbestos production has grown apace, so that 70% of the world population is now exposed to this carcinogenic material. Starting from the first court hearings in Turin involving the multinational Eternit, which now faces claims of having caused the death of nearly 30,000 former plant workers and among the local populace at Casale Monferrato, the film takes us to India and Brazil on an exploration into a multi-million dollar business managed by a lobby that holds sway over the policies of many countries.


Niccolò Bruna and Andrea Prandstraller


Produced by Enrica Capra (GraffitiDOC, Italy),
in association with RTSI – SRG SSR Idée Suisse,,
Isabelle Truc (Iota Production, Belgium),
Tiziana Soudani (Amka Film, Switzerland)
and Arte GEIE (France)


Niccolò Bruna, Federico Tonozzi, Alessandro Dominici, Luciano Federici


Michele Hubinon


Vito Martinelli

Mirko Guerra




Available in Italian/Portuguese/English O.V., with subtitles in English, Spanish, Italian, and French.


Watch the O.V. with English subtitles on Culture Unplugged (free)


International Awards:

Best Documentary at Baghdad International Film Festival 2012, Iraq
Best Feature Filmambiente 2012, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Agamar award Maratea Film Festival 2012
Premio SubTi and Legambiente Mention, Cinemambiente 2012, Italy
Jury award at FIDRA – Festival Internazionale del Reportage Ambientale 2012
Colli Euganei Parc Prize, Euganea Film Festival, 2011
David di Donatello 2012: Nomination  for Best Documentary
Premio Doc/it Professional Award 2011: Nomination best documentary


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