A Sleeping Dog (2011)
A Sleeping Dog is a film about jazz and the people who make it.
Jazz, Turin, Experimental, Documentary, Live Music, Torino, Sax, Furio Di Castri, Danilo Pala
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Art, Culture, documentary, Musical
Experimental, Free, Improvisation, jazz, Turin
About This Project


ITALY/ 2011 / 52 MIN


Jazz is something that is always on the verge of breaking down and always starting again. However it goes, you should remember that there was a time when this was very good.
Dario Martinez


A Sleeping Dog is a film about jazz and the people who make it.

A bunch of people who are neither rich nor famous. They are quite shy and seemingly normal, and you will hardly recognize them in the street or at the supermarket.

In their path they have inevitably found the demon of music and, at the top of their priorities, live in it, without ever wanting to force it into a space nor define it in words. Jazz is a fluid, mobile, and indefinite genre that believes only in the present and in itself. They, our musicians follow the music without asking life where it is taking them.

The story of the dazzling scene of atypical musicians in the early years of Charlie Bird, Turin’s over-the-top jazz-pub.


Sleeping Dog looks beyond the last note and tries to tell the story of what generated magic in that clump of instruments and men. Actually, this is not a documentary about magic, it is a documentary about miracles. This documentary is a testimony of love towards those who dedicate a good part of their lives to this ephemeral and almost useless exercise and who obtain for themselves and for others (only) smoke and magic.

Featuring Furio Di Castri, Danilo Pala, Alfredo Ponissi, Beppe Golisano, Gianni Denitto, Paolo Porta, Mauro Battisti, Luca Biggio, Toti Canzoneri, Ivan Bert, Francesco Partipilo, Aldo Rindone and Bernard Thomas


Dario Martinez



Niccolò Bruna


Produced by La Cinemateque du Biafra

in association with CREAM Creative Makers

with the support of the FCTP – Film Commission Torino Piemonte


Andrea Deaglio, Niccolò Bruna, Dario Martinez, Giulia Delmastro, Federico Agnese, Manù Annoni, Federica Restivo, Matteo D’Errico, Alex Santangelo.



Dario Martinez, Valentina Diana, Andrea Roncaglione



Niccolò Bruna, Dario Martinez