Cesare, my grandpa in the space (2009)
Niccolò Bruna, filmmaker with a cause, daydreamer and indie producer
"Niccolò Bruna", filmmaker, filmmaker, director, "video production", documentary, documental, regista, video, Barcelona, "Ready.Barcelona". ENG
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documentary, Environmental, Science
biographic, Cape Canaveral, master, space, zero gravity
About This Project

Cesare, my grandpa in the space

Le avventure spaziali di nonno Cesare

ITALY / 2009 / 52′ MIN


Cesare Massano 95 years old

Nowadays, you have access to all kinds of computers and technologies that provide you with much satisfaction. However, I can see that we you are losing contact with nature, and in my opinion, this is a mistake.




Cesare Massano at the age of 93 years is chosen for a scientific mission in the absence of gravity. Scanning his training as a spaceman, between Italy and Cape Canaveral, his century-long life reveals, leading us through a touching human adventure.

Cesare Massano, who lives in Turin, and is 95 years old, is an inventor. He was employed by FIAT in 1929; during the 62 years that he spent working in the firm, he invented and patented all sorts of things, specializing in rolling stock and becoming one of the fathers of the Pendolino (tilting train). Each instant of his life is made by ingenuity. For every problem, there is a solution, he is the “homo faber”.

Everything flows regularly in his life as a retired person until he is selected for a “space” mission in the absence of gravity, taking off on 2007, April 28th, from the NASA base of Cape Canaveral, Florida. Cesare decided to be a guinea pig for a research experiment and took part in a series of parabolic flights simulating Martian, lunar, and total absence of gravity.

A prize awarded to his life, says his sons. A life marked by work and sacrifice, dictated by an inexhaustible thirst for knowledge.


Francesco Bordino e Alice Massano


Produced by
Colombre film


Niccolò Bruna


Francesco Bordino


Niccolò Bruna, Luca Gasparini (A.M.C.)



Niccolò Bosio
Max Viale (Flylab Creative Media)


Visual design
Pietro Luzzati


Watch the entire documentary LINK

Italian Version only